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The Musical + The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 02

"Davey's Dump! Davey's Dump! Davey's Dump!".....aaarrrghhh! EFF YOU couch kumaras for making one of the catchiest 48hours songs of all time! I kid of course, in all honesty this operatic eco warrior love train splatters you in all the best possible ways. I was thinking to myself earlier tonight that I wished you had done more than one song, but then I gave it a second thought and nah there's enough layered melodies, breakdown verses and bravado professional level singing here to put most other teams in the competition to shame. What I particularly liked about the film was the sense of urgency, coming in late to a fully fleshed out centre for rubbish, and giving the audience just what they needed in the alloted 5 minutes. Some purile jokes and very cleverly disguised lyrics meant that the anti-romcom component was well covered. See you at the finals. Again :)

Lovely stuff truely. Covered the aspects of your genre awesomely, along with some very nice frames and catchy songs.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Love is found down at the local dump. Then lost again, or something is...
We always have high expectations of two time Wellington winnerthe Couch Kumara and were pleased to see them smashing out another finalist. I know with the composition skills on their team that musical was a bit of a gift rather than the ever-feared genre that it is for most other teams and it was good to see them putting those skills to use. Musical is tricky and its great to see a team go whole hog on it, rather than make a music video or have a couple of random songs in there.
The film was beautifully shot and the acting was great, there were some hilarious moments - I loved the diving cameo - and music and score were top notch. If anything it would have been good to see a bit more depth in the main characters. We see them meeting and maybe the ending but not a lot of depth into their back story, but I am being picky here.
Great work Kumara - the only other thing I’d say is don’t fear ultra, you should be jumping in next year.