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The Back from the Dead Movie
Wellington > 02

Domestic more like domestic hiss here as kitchen and career frustrations bore brunt to multiple deaths for and returns to the land of the living for a video game industry bum. Lighthearted with several well used puns although a couple of punchlines fell slightly awkwardly with the audience. Death by vacuum was probably the highlight. The reason for coming back from the dead did seem a bit unclear and I was not quite sure if the team were trying to blur the idea of fantasy vs reality. Kind of a moot point though as keeping the mystery for why someone comes 'back from the dead' has its value. Entertaining, but clear cohesion on the story was not quite there for mine.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A mother to be is driven to violent fantasies in which she murders her partner over his continued failure to do anything helpful around the house. Busy developing so form of VR game he repeatedly ignores her as she becomes increasingly pregnant and lonely. This film was quite clever in that you initially felt like he was coming back from the dead, then made you think it was in her mind. Around the middle the women's friend and their relationship begin to be outlined - the friend is trying to convince her to leave and her eventual frustration with this leads to conflict, before a final resolution. The last shot is quite ambiguous and made me wonder if she did finally do that useless loser in. I did like the ambiguity of this film, it does make you guess but I do think it was a touch too far towards confusing and its only been on a rewatch that it seems clearer. This film had good production values and made use of a domestic space which well. I did enjoy the opening wide shot with the characters acting in the frame but I think they could have benefitted from a bit more rehearsal or ad-libbing to make it feel a bit more realistic and natural. But hey, it was a great effort and I felt like this team were playing around with the narrative in a promising way.