The Remarkable Day of Doom

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The Remarkable Day of Doom! A sequel to last year's Hattie Hatpin cutout animation, this time Hattie tries to join the ultimate super-villains' club FOE, and is rejected by the patriarchy again. Golly gosh she gets annoyed, and flips the switch on her doomsday machine. But, the intrepid London detective from the last movie is hot on her trail - will he arrest her and stop her diabolical scheme in time?!?! Sadly, our editing computer started bluescreen-of-deathing on Sunday, and we didn't get this finished in the time. So Hattie is justly disqualified and can't even blame the patriarchy. Next year, okay. Lots of love Toyhead Collective (Ali, Anrik, Brenton, Hayley, Hedy, Kate, Mike and Severin)

[DQ] Not sure of the name of the film here but the adventures of the murderous Hattie Hatpin from Toyhead Collective continued again this year. Animation was a lot better than previously and I adored the fact that you basically went big or went home (very sorry to hear you were late), with world domination on the agenda starting with a DESPCIBLE ME style fraternity of evil. Given it's the last day on earth it would be time for a Monty Pythong inspired shark submarine, wouldn't it? I would have given this one higher marks if the last day on earth aspect had been more to the forefront of the film, but really do admire the improvements made by the team, and while murderous the satyrical destruction of the oppressive male patriarchy made me grin.

Ness Patea
city manager

A late entry from the Toyhead Collective, they flexed their animation muscles over the 48-hour weekend to create this film. Animation is never easy to achieve in the 48hour timeframe and this team ran out of time and didn't cross the finish line in time. Hatty Hatpin is a sequel to a previous Toyhead collective films about a the devious victorian woman who is running away from some eggs who won't let her join their gang (see bio above).

Stylistically this victorian themed animation is beautiful using silhouettes and stop-motion. I liked the different imaginative scenes, modes of transport and the soft textural backgrounds but the downfall of the film was that it was a little slow paced with lots of static moments. I do appreciate all of the work involved in an animation of this kind and overall it was an ambitious creative entry from the Toyhead Collective.