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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
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Ali Little

Lovely movie, a sweetly modern romance told from beginning to hopeful end of the beginning. It looked great too, especially those tricky-to-light outdoor night time scenes!


This was a fantastic movie, and easily the one with the best story and most relatable characters during the heat. The story followed an arc that was not unexpected, but that was fine. That was the outcome most of the audience were waiting for.

Well done, team!

New relationship energy is a very real thing. It's exciting to meet somebody new and this team captured that really well with infectious positive attitude despite the tough genre. Star-crossed? Yeah sure, although the roadblock of the whinging girlfriend here was more like a road cone ready to be stolen on a drunken bender. Nevertheless big laughs in the heat and a whole lot of promise. Better audio next time and a tighter storyline that mixes up tropes will have you going places.

By the way so remember how we said don't shoot in your apartment/have shots of people making food? Well yeah the Cheerios bowl the size of a human head and comedic payoff here was well worth these guys saying whatever and running with it.

Liam Dakin

This movie was like a giant bowl of Cheerios. Funny at first and then gross and soggy at the end

Ness Patea
city manager

A star-crossed tale of a man (who is obsessed with Cheerios and the Titanic movie) who is struggling to admit his feelings for another man. I found this film very sweet, meeting someone new at a party and the sweet texts and ending. There was some good comedy in it with the giant cereal bowl and texting whilst taking a shower, going to the toilet and smoking half dressed outside (sheez that musta been cold). The puddle shot was super hammed up but made us all laugh in the cinema.