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The High School Movie
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Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments so far. Just wanted to say that the out-of-sync audio wasn't intentional; the audio was fine on the USB stick we sent but something must have gone wrong when it was processed for the screening. If you want to see the film how it was meant to be, without the botched audio, flick me (Cadence Chung, director) an email at: Thanks :)

This one really didn't work for me, I am sorry. The non-synched sound was an interesting idea, but it's one of the things that does annoy me when I see it happen. Doing it deliberately is always a risk and I feel in this case, it didn't work. The black and white worked particularly well, and DID suit the genre and the theme of the movie well. I'd've liked a bit stronger story, too. That said, thank you for the movie. It had moments I genuinely enjoyed, and had a really nice feel of a teen sleepover.

So very verite, permutations and observations on high school life abounding. Played like a trip down memory lane and the comments and concepts of youthful love were quite touching ideals, replicating the high school experience well. However technically held back in a few areas with a muddy sound-mix making observations quite difficult, and focus being lost on the shaky black and white imagery regularly. Solid use of shadow puppets as well but a focus on storytelling with some sort of dramatic arc would have helped this film I feel.

Ruth Korver
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A sort of memory-lane style reminisce of the high school years in black and white. This film had a nice tone and some touching moments. It was unfortunate that the frame rate it was delivered in meant it went out of sync when we converted it to DCP so I hope the team upload the synced version to the screening room for people to watch. I felt the story could have been a bit stronger but I liked the concept and the black and white worked well for me.