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The Monster Movie
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This had a nice sense of a creepy monster in a school, but I kept hoping for a reveal. Nicely shot and good use of location.

One question.

Who stacked the chairs in front of the door inside of the classroom, if no one was in there.... ;)

Glad to see another fan of A QUIET PLACE. Eery and with solid sound-design this team worked around their budget limitations to make a terse yet tense low budget high school escape from a monster tale. Props for the commitment to selling the monster on growls and shaking, though for mine it is a hard sell of the genre without any creature visualisation.


A very strong start and great cinematography throughout. The sound effects and stark opening shots effectively established the setting and the stakes; unfortunately, when the characters were introduced, the drop in sound quality was a little jarring and distracting, and from that point onwards it felt a little lacking in both development and convincing us to care about the characters. Writing this review now, I have to think hard to remember what happened or who the characters were, but can still picture the opening moments and other shots from later in the film vividly.

Ruth Korver
city manager

This film opens with eerie scenes in a high school of bags lying around abandoned. A monster stalks the school and the surviving pair of teens are trying to find their friend. We never see the monster, instead we hear it in the distance. This team really managed to paint a picture of the world very simply and effectively with just the use of abandoned bags and audio. It was really clever and there was a strong sense of threat that followed us throughout.
Where the film could have been improved was with a bit more energy in the script and performance.There wasn't quite enough urgency about where the characters needed to go and the actors were a touch flat in some of their reactions.
It was still a good effort and really clever approach though and I'd love to see this team do more.