Monster Within

by WHS

Average: 2.9 (2 votes)
The Monster Movie
Taranaki > 01

This film was another in the Monster genre from a school team. It had a great opening shot and some good cinematography. A great choice of location for the type of film, which was a Blair Witch-esque trip to the woods with spooky goings on. Had some nice comedic moments between the actors, and the girl getting taken was well done. Lighting in the darkest shots made it a little hard to appreciate how good the location seemed to be for the film, but lighting is really hard if you don't have lots of people and the right gear. Great spooky moments, and the guy played his creepy part well. Well deserved win on the use of shadow, that part of the scene was used really well for dramatic effect and to move the plot forwards. Great effort team, and hope to see more from you guys in future!


A well deserved win for best use of shadow. Great work. As the story started I was anticipating what was going to happen next, good first act, nice visuals in the bush, made me feel like I was there.