Dare or Truth

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The Musical + The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Taranaki > 01

Another good effort from a school team. I feel like this team may have been a little challenged by getting musical as a genre (like many teams are!), so it didn't quite feel like a musical so much as a regular film with a musical segment. Still, the concept was fun, and the story was complete. There were some good comedic moments in there, and the start of some good characterisation of the different personalities in the ensemble. It's always hard in 48 hours to build enough of that into it in 5 short minutes, so well done on that. The audio was a little iffy in places, but without proper sound gear that's the hardest part to get consistent. All in all a solid effort from these guys, and a little more experience in front of and behind the camera will hopefully lead to exciting stuff next year if you stick around. Nice work West Coast!


At the start I wondered where the story was going, held me in suspense. Looks like you had some fun. I like that you had clearly defined characters for the actors and they played their part well. Good effort.