The story of a Decade

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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
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Good film for a school team - well produced musical with a good message, I think the swearing let it down imo it was unnecessary - especially because of the actors age it felt trite and forced would have been stronger without it.


A stellar effort from Through the Lens Films this year! The first thing I want to say is that it was really good to see you produce something that felt different to your first 2 year's films. I had felt the 2 apocalyptic ones were quite similar in vibe and really wanted to see what else you were capable of. When I saw you got film that spans more than 10 years I thought it might be another end of the world type, but you fully surprised me and delivered even more! You're obviously a talented bunch of folks, and it looks like you had a blast making the film. Your songs were well written and well produced, the cinematography was really well done and you used lighting and costuming (and even the coloring of the sets) to great effect to highlight the difference between the years. Loved the emo phase in year 10, we all know about that one, haha. It was really cool to see another musical this year, as proper musicals is something that Taranaki hasn't really had many of in the past, that's why we decided to make one too, haha. You look like you had as much fun as we did doing it too :)

One thing that I would have liked to have seen (well heard) was some backing vocals in the songs just to mix it up a bit and perhaps have a bit more distinction between the chapters like year 11 and year 12. But I know that adds a considerable layer of complexity to the 48 hours process which is already hard without any music, let alone doing a musical! The backup dancing was well done. Huge congrats to Melanie Bishop, your work is awesome and if this is something you're hoping to do in future you've got a whole lot of great stuff for the ol' CV/portfolio, so good luck! And also to Hannah Collinson for taking out Best Actress/Performer 2 years in a row--another great performance! I'd say this is a contender for best school team nationally, and possibly even grand finals, depending on the quality of other musicals/films nationally. Nice work! Not sure what year you guys are in at school, but hope to see you back again next year :)


Certainly a well deserved win. The use of make up and costume visually with the lyrics was AWESOME. I can not imagine how you did all those changes in the short time you had. Hope to see you back next year.