The Complications of Love

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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Taranaki > 01

This school team was landed with anti-rom com which I'm sure was a challenge from the get go like it would be for most of us! They rose to the challenge, however, and came up with a clever story line and a nicely done film with some great comedic moments and physical comedy from the lead actress was great! The silhouette was well used and the acting was good. A bit more experience will help on the technical side of things, but as a young team and first timers as far as I know, this was a definite success :) Great twist at the end, every couple's worst nightmare! Really impressed and look forward to hopefully seeing more of you guys next year :)


That was a tricky genre to deal with, you handled it well. Great story line and twist at the end. My favourite part was handing over the wilted roses.