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The Time Travel Movie
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This was a Time Travel film with some heart in it, which I loved. The choice of the comic book visual effect was an interesting one, and I think it was really effective in places. It might have been interesting to see how the film felt with some regular live action video without the filter in places too, however, as it may have lent itself to a bit more variation in the feel of the movie. I also would have liked to hear some more changes in the music as the mood of the movie changes to make it feel a bit more like a journey. The track that starts us off is quite upbeat and felt a little mismatched with the subject matter, but then we all know this is 48 hours so we never get to do exactly everything we wanted to! A really heart warming story concept though, and well executed overall. Nice work Olena and crew, hope to see you guys in again next year!


How brave of you to tackle this subject and to represent it in a different way visually. I thought the shot looking into the coffin was awesome. Well done.