Dog's Life

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
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I loved this film! I was really impressed with your last year's entry and gutted you got disqualified last year, so was really happy to see you were back in the competition again this year. And you didn't disappoint! Really clever concept, and well executed. The cellphone filter was used really well to set up the story. The pacing of the story was really good, and the music supported it well, giving us just enough info to figure out what's going on, but drip feeding us the rest so that we weren't exactly sure if we were onto it. You chose really good examples to illustrate the switch and let the lead figure out what had happened to her. The flashbacks were well done, and I think a little more time in front of the camera will help the supporting actors feel a bit more comfortable but they played their roles well. A big well done to Kiki McNaughton (hope I spelled that right) for her lead role, which was really well done. Hope to see more from you guys next year :)


One of my favourites. The story was outstanding. Your acting fabulous. Well done.

This was one my favourite films for sure, great story line and the scenes were acted out perfectly really well done and i thought it was a shame there were no awards thrown your way i thought a nomination for best script was suited given the way you laid the film out. The only criticism i can give is i think the film should have ended with the dog howling.