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The Technological Thriller
Taranaki > 01
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these guys always look like they are having a great time and get better every year - well done


Always love Grazed Knee shorts, they always have some slight dark or sinister element, and are well put together. Perfect location for the film, and the shots were well put together. The music was well done, so I was happy to see it was original too, nice work! Really original use of puddle, even if super gross, haha. Interesting concept for a technological thriller, which is a hard genre to do without making it come across too Black Mirror-y, but I think you did a good job of that by not letting us know which reality we were in at the start. Great performances, and Curtis probably would have been pretty close for Best Performer, but it's always a bit hard when you only have a short role in a 5 minute film. I thought some extra sound effects may have heightened the impact of the fight scene, but aside from that I think it was a great concept, well executed, and had a great creepy ending. Nice work and great to see you back in the comp after a bit of a hiatus! Hope to see you back again next year :)


This film made me think, wondering the plot. A lot of the films had great story lines this year, and yours was one of them. I know time is short to get everything in, but a few added sounds in the fight scene would have added to it. So unexpected to find the guts come out. Wonderful.