Chivalry is Dead

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The Time Travel Movie
Hamilton > 04

Good effort shooting outdoor dining in the rain! 'Fuckboy' peeing out of the window was a great character introduction, made me really feel for Jane(?). I kind of got the idea she was courting her own grandfather though, which made it a bit icky :)


Was a great short film. Good story line that was executed well. I did get the impression she was being courted by her grandfather but was still good overall.

class opening with one of the smoothest dudes we saw on the big screen this year.
i enjoyed the little things in this one: the text message, the old man hat and the attempt to have a picnic in the pouring rain.
but what i liked most is that it leaves enough room for me to interpret this film as being about a girl who goes back in time to have an incestuous relationship with her grandfather thus becoming her own grandmother (surely i'm not the only one? right? thank goodness)

I dug this film. Looked like it was recorded on an iphone in the beginning. lol. But OMG that Crystal ball shot was fabulous. I give this film a near perfect score due to that one shot. GG