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The Monster Movie
Hamilton > 04

A solid story that didn't stall or stumble and finished strong. Nothing much to complain :)

the monster here is one we've probably all encountered - a shatmate.
the antagonist was definitely gross so turning to black magic to deal with him was entirely justifiable.
unfortunately the story is a bit saggy and could have done with some tightening - like a zentai suit.

Clean looking film. Nice make up too. Random outcome. I kinda liked it. And as I say, "Making the Grand Finals is easier to achieve than you think." ;) Good luck at the Ham Finals.

When two young women struggle to confront their lazy and unceremonious flatmate, they are forced to turn to alternative measures.

I always like when the monster in a story is a human person, and while I would like to believe that people like this guy don't exist, the inspiration for his character had to come from somewhere! I found the story of this one to be a little bit erratic, and some scenes (e.g. the morph-suit man on the bed) had me a bit confused, but the overall story was quite fun. Makeup was solid. Lighting was solid. Acting was meh but that's the 48!


A common problem I have with these shorts (my own included!) is that the story is either too big for a 48 film or isn't big enough - it's a tricky balance and Shatmate got it right. The story was clear - shitty flat mate needs to go - which left Shatmate enough breathing space to just tell the interesting parts of the story. Some solid acting from everyone. There were a few scenes which is often a problem but they were all brief and got their point across which helped the story flow. The best looking film of the night, including many simple but interesting shots with depth (even some great visual comedy with the flatmate falling on his bed to pan over and reveal the girls in his room). The ending exorcism is a double edged sword for me - liked it came out of nowhere but would have liked some more set-up, as if it was the girls last measure.

Really well done, found it clever and funny.

Awesome editing.

Dr Wilson

Plot could have used more to it. other than that was a good idea