Kaitlyn With A K

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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Hamilton > 04

A well written, solid and topical story. The film was working really well up until the fight scene, where both acting and editing took a hit. The ending brought it all together again and felt pretty satisfying. Good work.

a mockumentry following some vapid couple.
quite enjoyed the suitably-hysterical performance from the leading lady, as well as utilising the mockumentry thing to get some egregious boom-in-shots.
nice use of the silhouette too, another one for the 'dude fucks a car' theme.

When an internet celebrity gets a new boyfriend, her follower numbers soar. If only he loved her as much as he loved his car!

Anti-RomCom to a T. This modern story is a fun take on today's internet society - satirising the vacuous, shallow kinds of people that are popular online. I found the two-dimensional characters and simple story a delight for this genre, and felt that it fit perfectly into the time limit of the competition. That said, I would have liked to have had more examples of the boyfriend's interests getting in the way of Kaitlyn's internet career. I think that that would have helped her snapping on him seem more sensible and not so out-of-nowhere.
The documentary style fit great, and the moderate-to-good acting helped to sell it. I enjoyed a lot of the shots and found the filming of crew members for the boyfriend's car shoots really funny, especially the camera/boom operator at the end.


My 2nd fav film from Heat 3 and 4. Proffessional looking. Good sound. Good actors. I laughed at the dude and his love of his car. Nice job guys.

Interesting we hadn't had a 48 revolve around social media before so was refreshing to see. I thought the concept could have used a bit more of a story though. There wasn't a message I left with other than 'I won't be following Kaitlyn With A K' anytime soon. The fight scene as well went far too long, a simple "I'm done" would have been enough. Also the main actress needed to decide on a accent as she was switching from Kiwi to American word to word which created a tough sound to the ear. Just thought this could have had a more clever message as it had a subject matter no one has tackled a lot in 48.