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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Hamilton > 04

This was so sweet! I was laughing and crying. Technical issues aside, the child actors were so wonderfully authentic and adorable I could have watched them court for 15 minutes. The ending was a cool little twist.

this one was really wholesome in comparison to all the other SICK FILTH that i was subjected to over the past two nights.
loved the shot of loverboy's face from across the river and of course the brilliant delivery of the classic "DAD YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!".
the dialogue was very quiet but the story was simple enough that we got the jist anyway.
lovely ending!

I can't help myself. You get full stars for that single cut of the boy gobsmacked he'd found true love which got the most laughs of the night.

Dr Wilson

Such a good film! loved it in every aspect!. Brave choice using children as actors despite the infamous rule to never use children or animals in film