The Infant Savage

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The Technological Thriller
Hamilton > 04

Edit: saw another review that mentioned the physical acting. I hadn't even thought to weigh that in! Raised the star rating by one. Bloody good job, Liam.

A hunter-gatherer living in the wild finds a ringing smart-phone and, curious as to the device's nature, takes it back to his modest camp to investigate.

I liked the premise. A technological not-knower faced by a curios device is eventually hunted by people looking for its owner. Genre-wise, the balance of suspense and excitement was definitely there. I think the plot could have been expanded to show where the owner of the mobile had gone, as while I was given a strong sense of anticipation, there was no payoff. Beyond that, I liked many of the shots and scenes, especially with the 'savage' in his element. I enjoyed the guitar in the soundscape and felt that it helped to set it apart from films with largely no-copyright files from the internet. Admittedly, it felt better suited to the calm scenes than the thrilling ones, so I think there could have been an alternative style in those areas.
The outfit of the 'savage' I found confusing. It is quite modern, but it's torn up. It suggests to me that either little thought was put into costume, or, there was a backstory element that was not included in the film.

Overall, I enjoyed it. 4/7


Good job swimming in the river! Watching this made me feel very cosy sitting inside in my warm and comfy chair. The actor must have been miserably cold. I liked the references to an animal encountering a human device. The ending didn't offer any payoff in terms of what was going on with the phone or the guy himself. There could have been more...

primitive man encounters an iphone 4 which i guess is still magical technology to him (not us moderns though).
well i liked the bits before he found the phone best - spearfishing, foraging and all that. there wasn't really much to get the audience into the story.
the costuming for the lead was odd - of all the films this year this is the one that would have benefited the most from full-frontal male nudity.

I did laugh during this film. Kudos to the Actor for swimming in the blimin cold river. lol. Ka pai dudes.

The Revenant Kiwi Style - never knew I wanted that until I watched it. Fittingly so, the main actor should be recognised for his 'physical' performance which was bizarre but honest. A good use of the location also, the whole little area Do the Interns get glocks? used was a neat little location in itself. I liked your idea of someone going off the grid (very timely with social media) but felt the concept could have had a better pay off then the main character simply dying. I was thinking after watching they had set-up the other man and his wife. Maybe the wife is fighting with him while he goes to find the 'infant savage' and 'infant savage' convinces him to join him off the grid, ending in the two splashing in the water, free from the burns of modern day society. Just a thought, would have maybe strengthened your message a little more. Nice work for shooting outside in the rain and actually getting useable footage!