Cereal Killer

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To be honest, I didn't get it :) I got there was a serial killer and the phonetic connection to cereal is... solid. But the man in a wig part. Maybe someone can explain that? We ended up discussing this afterwards with several theories as to what was going on. Don't get me wrong, it was fun and some uncooked meat was sacrificed for art. The newsreader was a nice contrast to the raging lunatic killer.

really bizarre. the premise is a pun that surely must have been done before in the comp (i haven't seen it though) mixed with some not-so subtle advertising for hamilton's premier speed/thrash metal band's second album.
the clip from the 'documentary' really cracked me up - what tv station would commission such a dreamlike interview with an admitted murderer on the loose that also features him killing the crew? whatever, i went with it.
great wig on the 'old' man.

Give that Bogan dude the 'Best Actor' Award. Nuff said.

Bloody bizarre (and this is 48Hours we're talking about). Quite a disjointed story (did we need a news interruption and then an elderly person wanting to find love?) The joke ends in that serial and cereal are pronounced the same which would have been a funny concept if only Freddie Wong/RocketJump didn't do it 8 years ago in much better fashion. I was also really confused as to why there was a dub and it didn't match? Was this on purpose? Otherwise some good effects work.