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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Hamilton > 03

Starts as a subtle comedy but quickly switches gears into a slapstick type toilet pumping. Some clever lines.

funny 'gotcha' with the opening titles.
there's been heaps of entries filmed in churches this year but this one has the churchiest-looking church so you win that prize.
it's essentially one scene of a goldfish's funeral where the padre has to act as a plumber (which he does with gusto).
quite funny and blasphemous enough so good on ya.
and some stretched-out credits just to make sure we get to exactly 5 minutes runtime.

Arguably my fav film of the night. (I saw Heat 3 & 4) Rough in parts. Sound had to be turned up. But alas. I was entertained by this film. Very clever too. 95% possibility of making the City Finals. Ka pai.

Solid comedy concept and good use of location - I love it when you expect a big location in an expected way only to flip that expectation. This and the shots were very Wes Anderson-esque but it fitted this story. Some good acting (yeah, try crying at a fish funeral and make it realistic next time you want an acting challenge). My improvements for next time would be include a bit more of a pay-off to the story. It needed something more rewarding than simply the main character plunging furiously into the toilet. Maybe that would have worked better if it was revealed just before they flushed that the 'Out of Order' sign was there? As I saw it before I wasn't surprised when that happened. Also missed a chance to have the fish flow back out of the toilet (and no, not then be taken by a dog).