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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
Hamilton > 03

this was pretty interesting - there's no other film like it this year in hamilton.
we follow a necklace as it is variously misplaced or passed on to different owners through the years before being reunited with its original owner. simple and effective use of prop and an older actress to convey this.
there's no dialogue and the humans aren't really in focus - more like a few snapshots of moments in various lives.
was expecting a lord of the rings-type bit when the necklace fell in the water!


A simple idea of following a necklace that gets lost and found. A hard choice in terms of keeping the audience engaged, given that what we mostly see on screen is an inanimate object lying in different places. But there were some beautiful frames (op shop counter from above was a nice touch) and a lovely smile at the end.

There was something kind of sweet about this film. Im getting a Notebook vibe. Lighting was dark in parts. But cool "feels" kinda flick.

It's challenging to have a coherent story and to sustain a serious emotional tone. You guys excelled at both. Simple through line with the necklace prop which kept the story understandable and relatable. This made the film rely on visual storytelling which I really love, no dialogue was needed and the film (I could say all films) was much better for it. I also really liked how we didn't see any actors faces until the very end. I myself actually had a similar concept where I was planning the same thing - letting the audience work things out without connecting to a face. Brilliant stuff, really trusting your audience's knowledge of human behaviour and storytelling. Only improvement could also be a detriment of maybe adding a bit more awareness of time? Maybe by using surrounding backgrounds or props? However as I say this could ruin the timeless quality of it. Well done guys, keen to see more from you next year! Keep up telling story with visuals! That's why man invented the camera!