Bearing it all

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Hamilton > 02

one to go alongside those sleazy english docos about the chick that married the eiffel tower and that dude who fucks cars.
a funny little mockumentry about a woman attracted to inanimate objects. some great sight gags and puns ("get stuffed"). nice use of the puddle too.
loses its way a bit after the set-up, but it's carried by a strong lead performance.

Quirky and funny mockumentary that I rate best of the heats 2. Super creative and awesome acting!


Suitably weird idea for 48 hours. Probably a more convincing fit for a "Mockumentary" genre than star-crossed lovers tbh but enjoyed it all the same. I'll never be able to cross the Tuakau bridge again without thinking about this film...


Nice work, cool take on the genre (I always think it's a bit of a cheat/cop out to do a mockumentary of the genre but I think that may just be me being picky). The opening sequence with the bridge was full on laugh out loud stuff.

Dr Wilson

Defiantly a good film. better in the sense of a mockumentary genre as opposed to Star Crossed-lovers