*NEW* Earth Prank 2018 (GONE WRONG)

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Hamilton > 02

brilliant intro (how come hardly anyone in hamilton does these? how come i have to say this every year?)
gloriously potty-mouthed film that's done as if a bunch of boofheads were live-streaming the end of the world (as implied by the great title).
very funny (low-brow as but don't pretend you're above that), jumps around the POVs of the main characters (each delineated by their social media of choice) and punctuated with a pitch-perfect music video pastiche. very impressive, simple & effective SFX too.
the little bit towards the end where you kind of get an external perspective of the leads all filming themselves holding cameras at arms-length really cracked me up.
a nice little final scene ties it all up neatly.


Great concept. Annoying as fuck to us "pre-millennials" in parts which was probably the intention. Just some ramped up production values and this one could've been a classic.


I really didn't like this film at the beginning. Towards the end of the film it ended up being one of my favourites.

Everything Steppenwolf said.

Additionally, I felt that this film did everything that it sought out to do perfectly and my only critique is that the acting, particularly towards the end to give game-streamer guy a bit more character, was a bit poo. VFX were solid. Props were solid. Characters were fun as. Well done.


Dr Wilson

Nicely executed film. Strongly disliked this film at the beginning. near the end it became tolerable. Nice concept towards the genre