Foosball Glory

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The High School Movie
Hamilton > 02

Well done boys great effort

conforms to its genre purely by virtue of being made by a bunch of high schoolers.
that aside, it does have its moments. EXCELLENT stunt work with the foosball on the ute and fireworks going off right there. this dumb-DIY stuff is really one of the best bits of the comp.
there's another thing i love about the 48 hours that this film has, and this one requires some explaining- if i was a judge, i'd scrap every single award category and replace them all with one prize: 'best performance by a parent roped-in at the last minute' and this year foosball god is a bloody shoo-in. so that has earnt you another star.


Great effort. Spectacular SFX on the ute.


Absolutely nailed the genre good fun movie.

Dr Wilson

Nice use of working the genre to their advantage of being literal high school students. SFX & Stunt work were good. plot was lacking some structure in places

city manager

What high school movie is complete without a montage. The hairspray abuse was sustained and painful! It is clear everyone involved had a blast - towards the end quite literally (ohhh the health & safety gods did wrythe in their tombs). Unquestionably the best use of a fooseball table on a moving vehicle I've come across. A good wacky step towards the future!