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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
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call me a cynic but i'm always surprised when high school teams (or any team in the waikato, let's be real) treat non-hetero romance like it's normal and not something grotesque.
a brief high school relationship between a local and an exchange student has consequences 12 years later.
so ultimately this is a comedy, and it's pretty funny too. the "stolen look" that ignites the relationship was hilarious, as was the explanation of Luca's dodgy accent. The stand-in for Venice in the final reunion scene was great - nicely chosen location. I'm also glad that Te Aroha College are making absolutely SAVAGE break-ups something of a tradition ("I do want to go... just not with you").
unfortunately should be disqualified as there was no door slamming.

Some great lines in this film some of my favourites:
"Coach keeps making us work out, but I'm fit enough as it is!"
"If we went next week we could have a whole few weeks more"
"I do want to go, just not with you"

Big props to you for managing to fit in a 10 year story line and not shy away from the homosexual relationship theme.

This Team was by far my favourite from all the heats. the use of all the required elements were used effectively as opposed to just being randomly added in!. The use of the door slam was the most effective! for me I thought it resembled coming out of the closet???

Well done to this team!. any team that uses Homosexuality in any film will always have my votes as they are not usually covered in film, especially in New Zealand.

This school team is promising! They keep getting better each year that they submit a film! Once again they have not been afraid to revisit the gay relationships in at a high school age.this time even beyond this. They have a good understanding of the genre and the use of all the required elements were satisfactory!. Hoping these guys make finals!