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The Time Travel Movie
Dunedin > 03

A nicely shot and edited little time travel tale. A quick and punchy set up draws the viewer in. Once the compulsory landing in a puddle gag is out of the way, we begin to see the protagonist's quick thinking in overcoming obstacles on his journey. Unfortunately the payoff feels rushed as his entire journey consists of crossing a road. A good earnest film that would be a great film with a little more story.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Some films get better every time you watch them, Tenseless is a great example of this. The main actor really catches our attention within seconds, and even though we only have a rough idea of what's happened, we are immediately on his side.
Lots of teams fall over when their protagonist gets presented with a scenario and immediately understands and goes with it, but here, Four Gone Conclusion take their time, and give us a completely believable response to discovering time travel. The change of music and mood is a bit of a sharp turn when the two characters embrace when you first see it, but when viewing the film again, it feels really nice and heartwarming.