The Complicated Case of the Cursed Cake

Average: 3.6 (1 vote)
The Wish Movie
Dunedin > 03

A cautionary tale about the power of wishes. Not based on an original gag, but a decently executed concept nonetheless. The idea is played for some good laughs until the final chilling scene where we see the real consequences of the wish. A great comedic performance from the lead actor made for some memorable moments and certainly helped win audience favourite for this film.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

A great character, a granted wish, and plenty of antics. This film was one of the most entertaining movies of the competition. Lead actor Caleb is absolutely fantastic, and carries the entire film himself. Were it not for such a great performer, the film might have fallen flat, so selecting such a talented actor was an excellent choice.
The storytelling has a few holes in it, the middle was quite drawn out while the beginning and end really need a bit more time spent on them. But even then the shots look great, the cinematography is well done, and the array of locations keep it visually interesting. Hopefully we see more from this team in the future.