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The Monster Movie
Dunedin > 03

Some slick editing and frenetic camera work made this monster horror stand out more than any of the jump scares. I really liked how the middle of this film was put together, so it was anticlimactic when the ending was a repeat of the beginning. Telling a story out of sequence is great when it helps to tell the story, but here it just left me wanting more. That said, at least we good another look at the excellent physical effects. I bet Big Dog Films had sausages for dinner.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

The monster movie is a great opportunity to really play with things. The monster could be huge, tiny, cute, ugly, cgi, puppet, toy, costume, claymation, or all of the above. There's plenty of room to stretch old ideas or to build new ones, and a great monster can make an ordinary movie fantastic. Unfortunately, this movie only featured an older kid in a mask (which we've all seen before) and missed the opportunity to play with an interesting genre.
This film has lots of great cinematography and a great child actor, but ultimately there was little in the way of story or interest to really suck the audience in..