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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Dunedin > 02
Miguel Nitis
city manager

Not only is this film absolutely full of great, zombie-incidental ideas, but it also has a depth to it with regards to what kind of emotional connection someone might have to their reanimated loved ones. Rarely does a zombie movie consider a functioning society where zombies are a regular nuisance, and what precautions you'd teach your kids around them. This film does both. A solid script, great premises and plenty of clever ideas, the film remains completely believable until you guess the age of the mum. It's a bit of a stretch to consider it a 'star crossed lovers' movie as mum only shows up for one scene and is not really a core focus. Nonetheless, it's a brilliant movie and completely worthy of it's 3rd place win.

Hands down the best script in Dunedin this year. So much good dialogue backed up by solid acting from the children. Great cinematography as well, especially the inventive high angle shot within the house. The ending was rather predictable and either needed slightly less heavy handed foreshadowing or something extra to elevate it further. I'm not saying we wanted Mum to eat the rat, but some of us probably wanted Mum to eat the rat. A lot a nice little details throughout, altogether another outstanding effort from Studio Giblets.