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As Per Normal

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The Technological Thriller
Dunedin > 02

A classic for the ages, I guess.

Very well done.
The film follows a guy who wakes up and is shocked to find that technology has gone haywire with the fridge making his milk cold, and the toaster toasting his bread!!
He tries to warn others, especially his good friend, but no one seems to believe him!
It was a fun and original take on the Technological Thriller.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

One of the great formulas for comedy is to take something odd and have someone normal deal with it, or take something normal and have someone odd deal with it. The scenario of someone getting paranoid about everyday technology isn't new, but is tackled well here. Silas does a great job here, acting out paranoia over normal things with absolute conviction.
A few technical issues such as wind in the microphone and focusing the camera are apparent, but overall the audience likes it, and it's quite well done.