Pear Shaped

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Dunedin > 02

This movie perfectly captured the theme 'fish out of water' - and good use of stop motion to convey the Pear’s feelings (extra points for working with so many troublesome apples)

It was a very short but sweet film about a pear that gets accidentally put in a bowl of apples instead of the bowl of pears.
When the man who has put the fruit into their bowls leaves, googly eyes pop open on all the apples and the pear, and they shuffle around the bowl until the pear (looking quite sad) is lost in the depths of the apples.
The man returns, and luckily finds the pear in the apple bowl and puts it in the pear bowl where it belongs.
The stop-motion animation of the fruit was well done, the story very simple.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Why tell a complete story in 5 minutes when you can do it in 2? A sentient pear gets put into a bucket of apples, and without saying a word a story is told. This is a brilliant example of using your required elements as part of the narrative.
Fish out of water = Pear out of bucket.
Establishing the faceless human character with gumboots, footsteps and the puddle.
The ominous door slam.
Using the shadow to show the pear being out of place and 'Pear Shaped'.
Just putting eyes on the pear establishes that it's a character, and burying it among the apples (along with a great choice of music) really sells the feeling or being out-of-place.
Cute, simple, and effective with a subtle depth and multi-layered effect. Lots of cinematography for such a tiny location. A great demonstration that you don't need huge teams, complex stories and a giant budget to make something effective.