Dog Days

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The Musical + The Back from the Dead Movie
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Great attempt at the Ultra guys!
It was funny, it was musical, the twist was kinda unexpected.
I'm not sure, though, that it quite followed the "all main characters must be children or animals" part of the Ultra requirements, as the "bad guy" wasn't an animal, nor a child.
But when it changed to the POV of the dog it was very entertaining.

A few laugh-out-loud moments here, and a good (albeit ambitious - but ultimately well-enough executed) concept. Loved the dog POV, especially pulling the knife!


This was a fun movie, I really liked the overall vibe and the pacing felt good. The concept was cool, and I liked the way it was done from the dog perspective with the paw, haha. The music was pretty well done, a few lyrics that made me giggle. The only one that felt strange was the "best boy" one when the dog was a girl? Super minor, and not that relevant, but stood out to me :) Liked the cinematography, well put together so good effort team!

Miguel Nitis
city manager

This was one of my favourite films of the year. I've had the song stuck in my head for weeks. Great colourful, bright optimistic opening! They really direct the audience experience well and you don't take long to emotionally attach to the dog. The bad man is also great, though being Ultra really needed to be another animal or a child. The death of the dog certainly provoked a reaction!
These are very talented film makers, and I'm already looking forward to what they come up with next year.