Blind Date

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
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I always look forward to the film from Dwarf Shortage each year.
This years film was a sweet story of a blind date, and a missed connection.
The beginning of the film was almost completely in the dark, with some use of light from cell phones and a door, and the actors talking to each other.
I think it might have begun a bit better if the darkness was explained a bit sooner/quicker, as it kind of seemed as though the edit might have failed to render the video for that section to begin with.
But once it was established that it was a blind date in the dark it made complete sense.
The rest of the film was pretty good, although it wasn't quite clear in the end whether the male character actually recognised the female character after the elevator closed or whether the little flash backs etc. were for the benefit of the audience.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Cute, effective, and direct story. The black at the start (while important for the plot), is a poor start though. We need something visual there or some kind of context first. There's a lot of storytelling that happens visually while people are talking independently of the dialogue.
Even without this, it's a brilliant, well-told film. Dwarf Shortage seem to have a knack for great, engrossing stories.