The Coke, the Cat and the Condom

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The Splatstick Movie
Christchurch > 09

Tongue firmly in cheek throughout and very funny. Brilliant beat held at the end.

This purpose of this film, despite the main character's best efforts, appears to be to lead to an ultimatum where the character is caught in an uncompromising situation to the amusement of the audience.
Basically a ticking time-bomb, with shock factor included, like cutting up a cat with kitchen utilities.


A guy is trusted to look after a bag of coke to be picked up in 30 minutes time.

Whale have a great intro that ties in with their rivalry with team Dolphin. They're also establishing themselves as a really good team who aren't afraid to push boundaries of taste. Nailed the splatstick requirement in one scene in the kitchen and also successfully carried out the whole "things are getting worse" trope. Played for laughs and effect which you duly received from the audience. I couldn't hear the final line at all so missed whatever punchline it was.



You had everything going for you in this film except maybe the lighting, learn a little over the next year about how to light your scenes and colour them, if you do that I can guarantee you'll be topping the charts of this competition for a long time, amazing work guys.

Probably the best Splatstick that anyone did.

Funny and clever, but also really immature (in a good way)

Hilarious. Bold. Innovative.

Really enjoyed this film. Initially I was worried with where it was going. But you guys nailed it. Fast paced edit, fantastic comedic timing. That last shot could have gone on for 2 full minutes and the crowd would still be laughing.

I think there are a few things with camera work and lighting that would have taken this excellent concept and pushed it up to that next level and easily pushed it into city finalist territory. One of my top 5 films from heat 9 and thats saying something as heat 9 was a Bloodbath!

Well done and can't wait to watch it again.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of really coll stuff in this film, and just missed out on making the shortlist.

That is more a comment of the quality of all the films this year as opposed to anything blatantly inferior about this one.

I loved the gags and the effects in this film, though I do wish you'd found an ethical way to use a real cat for those wide shots, as the soft toy was distracting.

The last shot of the film was absolutely hilarious and wonderfully drawn out.

I thought it was an odd choice to open the film with the salesman, as it wasn't really his story.

As for your title, "The Coke, the Cat and the Condom" is funny, but I do think there's something more creative hidden in here somewhere.

Really liked this film!

The use of different perspectives was bold and inspired, reminiscent of a Tarantino film. The condom shot was hilariously drawn out maybe my favourite shot of the night.

Solid entry, keep competing please, I would subscribe to a YouTube channel if you guys have one. Would love to see more of this style of icky fun comedy!

Best last scene ever laughed so much, loved that you held it so long. Really great film. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys next year!