Blood Red Ted

Average: 2.9 (4 votes)
The Splatstick Movie
Christchurch > 08

Two girls explore an abandoned house and discover some nefarious characters already there.

Some nice visual effects in this, especially a wonderful blood smear and some other nicely executed kills. Shame about the DQ.

What I liked:
-Giant bear
-The guy with the sideburns and curly hair- cool image and great screen presence!
-Use of location- and a nail-gun used realistically!
I was a bit confused with some of the story- were the children kidnapped? Why were they in a house being renovated? Apologies for missing key moments- just having difficulty remembering back.
Congratulations on completing a film in 48hours!

I was pretty lost in terms of story but the fact that you had a giant murderous teddy bear sold it for me and I really loved that.

Enjoyable in parts, with some well executed puppeteering.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Probably one of the top tier Splatstick films, and a really good interpretation of Ultra.

I enjoyed a lot of the practical effects with the highlight being Ted himself walking around, but the wigged ball being blown up pushed it a little too far I think.

There's a lot of spirit behind this film and I really liked it. Keep it up guys!

As for your title, "Blood Red Ted" is great, really compelling.