in the woods

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Christchurch > 08
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Despite his best efforts a guy just can't find a place to take a much needed poo.

From some of the minds that brought you "Second Skin" a few years back (Oh, you Sneaky Horses) this is a very stylistic, well made albeit weird & wacky short. Largely you believe it's about nothing but because of how it's made, you are forced to ask yourself questions about what deeper meaning there actually is. A brave performance by the lead (Elliot Syme) because it was very cold that day. Great locations found too.

Literal toilet humour!
Well done for showing commitment to your character. Haha a piece I once helped out with worked with involved a picnic bar as a poo, but before the shot was made, one of the crew got hungry and ate it. So annoying!
Well done for completing your piece in 48hours.
I was slightly confused as to whether or not the poo 'died'? Or how it died? Why did it scream at its funeral? Or was that simply returning to...the ocean? I was invested in this Mexican character but what happened to that- did the guy eat some food in Mexico and that is how it snuck through the border? Hmm, so many things to think about.

really impressive effort here considering you're a solo/duo team and you needed to come up with something with two characters. Was pretty odd, but I liked it a lot. Also thought you were super committed to go out into the water the way you did, added an extra layer of crazy, nice job guys!

Pretty funny, stays its weird course till the very end and goes out in the same strange style that it started. Nicely shot, great locations. Good performances.

Be right back just of to get a picnic bar.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting this. It'd be fair to say that there were "better" films that evening, but there's just something about this that I can't shake. I feel a beating heart in this film. I feel the film makers, stronger than anything I've seen before. The skinny-dipping and the defecation are merely proof of the love for film making that flows through every frame.

An enjoyable film with likeable characters and good performances. The twist at the end worked well, but the only place that lost me was how the guy suddenly learned hot to speak Spanish. Maybe I missed something Regardless, a very solid effort.

Perhaps something to try out in the future would be to add some sort of reverb to make the voice over to make it feel more distant during the scenes where he was following her voice.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film has been a journey for me.

From the first time I watched it alone in my room, to seeing it soar on the big screen at the finals, I've grown to begrudgingly love it for all the reasons why I wouldn't have recommended it was a good idea in the first place.

What summer co/crazy horses/Kawiti and Elliot have down pat is a really effective nightmarish quality to their weirdness. Anyone can be weird or absurd, but these guys do it in a way that feel like there's a Lynchian message below the surface, even though there probably isn't. It's the little touches of "I wouldn't have thought of that" which really sell this film, like making the lover Spanish, or the main character completely changing personalities halfway through the movie.

This is very much a spiritual sequel to "Second Skin", my favourite film by this crew to date, and while I took a little longer to warm up to this one, all of the elements which made their original fever dream great, are all here too, if a little more intentionally silly with that ending. Oh boy that ending.

As close friends of mine, the guys on this team have often lamented to me that they don't have a writer, but I'm starting to wonder if that's the beauty of their style, because when you don't have a writer, you end up falling into way more insane ideas that a writer would have probably just said no to. While the camerawork, editing and performances here are all running at 110%, it's the creative voice of the piece which really allows it to feel like a complete film. My advice for next year would be to keep this team spirit alive, but recruit more team members on board so you aren't stretching yourselves so thin- don't get a writer though.

As for your title, surely there's something better than "in the woods" for this film. You guys need a writer. Lol.