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The Technological Thriller
Christchurch > 08

Good storyline. I enjoyed that this played with how people are online versus real life. I feel it could improve but overall it was really good.


A man's online and real worlds seem to collide.

Started strongly during the exterior shots and then kind of fell away when you had to record audio indoors with some harsh buzz and also quiet bits. Did you have an external mic? Also hampered by what appeared to be a lack of a script as some of the improvisation lurched into people talking about nothing. Loved the skateboard character reveal and in general the premise of the film was good. More tension would have really nailed this premise though.

A guy is peer pressured into hanging out with clingy friends, ultimately making a transformation- is that right?
What I liked:
-A tricky topic to tackle. Awkwardness of opting not to go to the effort of making friends.
-The ending.
What I wanted more of:
-Some of the interior shots could have benefitted from better lighting. Also I felt the locations seemed a bit plain for what they were- is that what young people do nowadays? Personally I would probably get a bit bored hanging outside of South City Mall on my time off.
Overall it kind of reminded me of a cyber-safety video shown to kids at school, such as:

Well done for completing this in 48hours.

This was a great idea, seemed to me like more of a metaphor than him literally changing, right? I'm pretty sure that's the point but forgive me if I missed something.

You guys really needed to have a lot of tension for this story to work, I'd say the biggest reducer of tension is wide shots, anything that has a character below the waist in multiple shots can make the tension quite loose and distant, make sure if you have to create more sense situations in the future that you pull in tight and get nice and close to the characters so that we can feel what they are feeling.

A neat idea that played well into the genre, but could do with a bit of a stronger structure. Try to have every major piece of the film planned out before you shoot so that you aren’t scrambling in the edit to get a story that flows. I just found in places that I was unsure of what exactly was happening, but in the end it did tie up nicely.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Some really cool ideas here, I really liked the resolution coming from the phone being ran over.

However in this day and age, I'm a little sick of the "Facebook is bad! Social media is false!" message, but I guess when you get techno thriller you do what you gotta do.

As for your title, it's kind of interesting, not sure how much it relates to the title though.