Interview With A Dungeon Master

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Christchurch > 08

Kinda liked this one. The characters were good and the script is what made this film work. But felt like it was still missing something.


A flat interview run through a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

A novel concept I guess that would have appealed to fans of the game. A lot of shots were repeated and so it did become kind of tedious. Would have been nice to see the characters actually move beyond the kitchen table, and for this to be played out in a fantasy world before coming back to reality. Work-on for next year: audio.

Cool idea. Makes me want to do a similar sort of thing next year. Made me think of Stranger things, and this:

Nice work with the smoke, but I felt it lacked continuity with the rest of the shots.
As above, I would have liked to see the dialogue translate visually onto the screen as a fantasy setting.

Well done for completing this in 48hours.

I really liked some of the lines from the new entry guy, very funny. Would have been a bit more engaged if you took the time to shoot the conversations from other angles.

I found this film rather boring, sadly. It has things going for it, but it's let down by the fact that it's literally four people having a conversation around a table; and for one reason or another, the only effort to add any drama to it is a smokey, silhouetted shot of the game master. I think that, in choosing to shoot your entire film in your living room with the curtains closed, you need to tell yourself "hey, we need to make sure this is visually interesting". Because that is what film is all about. And an effort was made, but I don't think it was enough of an effort.

I know I sound really harsh but I felt this film could've been so much better, and I implore you all to learn, and persist. The smoke shot really did blow me away, and the acting was impressive; there is potential for something great.

This film is another which has suffered from too much long dialogue. There were some funny lines, but I didn’t feel any rising tension in the script and not a lot of variety in what they were saying. It all sounds fairly same samey. Might sound more interesting for a DnD fan, but you have to keep in mind most people aren’t aware of how the game works and things need to be simplified.

With the vape shots, I found it quite distracting when a brand new puff burst into shot and then mellowed out a bit. I think it would’ve been more effective to blow the vape and then wait a few seconds before saying the dialogue. That way every time we cut to it there is not a sudden burst of it, and it looks more like it’s a cloud of smoke constantly sitting there, which makes it feel a little more mysterious.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I'm gonna say something real original here: I would have liked to see the characters transposed into the actual fantasy world instead of just staying at the table the whole time.

I realize this would have been 10X more work but it's absolutely possible in 48hours and it would have made an amazing film, and with slightly better lighting and audio I could have easily seen this making the final.

Really good acting, keep it up guys and shoot for the stars.

As for your title, "Interview With A Dungeon Master" is fine but I would have preferred something more related to flatting or a double meaning that relates both to flatting and D&D