Shine On

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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 08

It was a tad odd. Framing was good but focus wasn't the best. Kinda lost on the storyline if there was one.


A series of interconnected stories I guess - one following a young teen, another the conflict between a couple of teachers. There's singing at the end.

Enjoyed the principal in this - very creepy and a far cry from your actual principal! There was a tendency for a few too many one-shots/long takes which didn't give us anywhere near enough variety. LAthough it wa very sweet I didn't really get why the song was there at the end.

I really appreciate the effort that has been put into this.
-Having children turn up to school in the weekend, in uniform.
-Utilising school resources
-Musical number
-Horesback riding
As far as improvements would go, as above with the focus on main characters at times-unfortunately all the imperfections really show up on the big screen!
Well done for completing this in 48hours! Certainly a lot of work here!! It felt like a term of work has been put in, rather than one weekend.

I really liked the story between the teachers and I wish the entire film was about this, it was your strongest idea and I would have liked to see the kids get incorporated better into that story then the song (the song was lovely but way too different in comparison to the rest of this film). The cinematography changed style a few times in this movie too, the best of it also being in the principals office, next year make sure you stick to one plot and style, and you should do great!!

Some of the debacle between the teachers was fun but the rest of the film I found to be rather forgettable. It’s very hard for the audience to follow the story when it jumps all around the place and transitions from one thing to another without any real reason or rhyme to it. This might make a lot of sense in your head, but you’ve got to remember an audience seeing this for the first time is unlikely to connect every little thread you’ve put together.

I feel like I’ve said it a hundred times throughout all these reviews, but I’ll never stop saying it: the most important things in a film are its structure and its story. Does it make sense and is it a story worth telling? If your answer to either of those questions is not yes then you need to really nut it out before you shoot anything. Keep this in mind for the future and you’ll be able to go much further with your storytelling.

I'm not sure I quite understand this film. It had brief glimpses of other works; Brokeback Mountain and High School Musical; but between those it just seemed a bit... dry. The extended take in the principal's office was extremely well-framed and laid out, but it wasn't quite dynamic enough, I think, to warrant the time it received.

It showed ambition though.

Alexander Jones
city manager

It seems like there were 2 or 3 films crammed into one in this case.

A lot of it is really well shot, I really liked the montage of the beginning with the girl on the bike, but then we switch to the teachers' story and I completely forgot about it, only to end on the song sung by the girl from the start.

There are certainly 3 acts here, but they don't feel like they belong in the same movie, and it was pretty odd to see such a comical and silly story end on a weirdly sincere song about how we all need to be getting along better. I'm actually pretty baffled by this one.

For next year I'd recommend working on your editing and storytelling. A lot of the camera stuff is really good though.

As for your title, "Shine On" doesn't really reflect most of the story at all, but I guess it kind of fits the film then, hahaha.