Swiss Ball of Doom

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The Monster Movie
Christchurch > 08

Funny and scary, brilliant!


A swiss ball with a mind of its own terrorizes a young boy left at home for the night by his parents.

For the most part a fun wee ride that is strangely relateable - those swiss balls do come back to you regardless of where you are in the room. Some good camera work (also some tripod noise) and tension-building but then it kind of just stopped. Unfortunately, we couldn't see what was going on in a couple of scenes and there were some odd jump cuts in a few places. Solid effort though!

This would have been great a few years ago when the prop was a ball.
I was mesmerised by the sphere things hanging in the kitchen in one of the opening shots, but unfortunately without some stronger lights, it did get quite grainy and dark on the big screen (You can see the inside lights were turned on to possibly try and help).
Nice bike movement when it came to a sudden halt.
Well done for completing this in 48hours. I liked how it kind of vibrated when it bounced through the door, and then things were suggested of what happened in the room, innovative use of torch(?) light.
Reminded me of the rover from the Prisoner:

Next time, it might pay to spend a bit more tome on making some cool props.

This was such a great idea, when the ball managed to get into that room I laughed out loud man.

This could have been a lot more intense and funny if you took the time to get a few extra shots, particularly close ups of the characters faces, wide shots loose a lot of the tension that you wanted to create, remember that all the elements of film will drive the story forward, not just the story itself.

The ball managing to just get through the door, hilarious.

The whole film was a riot, but that moment was just too much.

While this film had some hilarious moments, I was a bit lost on what the story was, if there was any at all besides an evil ball somehow haunting some kids.

In addition perhaps to some more advanced lighting, this film really needed a stronger structure. It felt like a series of events getting slightly more intense, but really there was no resolution to it all.

Think about your story, not just as some events that you can put on screen, but as a wave of emotions you are able to visually communicate to the viewer. Something you did well was convey the threat of the ball. Even if it was nonsensical, the main character had reason to be afraid of it, and because of that so did we. Coming to the end of your film, we the audience are just as afraid of the ball as he is, and we desperately need a solution to contain or remove the threat, but when that doesn’t happen, the audience is left feeling that the story was incomplete - that there was no payoff to the time they had invested in the story up to that point.

I wish you the best of luck for the future, and if you remember to carefully consider the structure, you can do little else wrong.

I was impressed by this film's competency with horror-genre conventions. It was quite scary. The ball was a good object to personify. Outside of the horror though, the film did fall a little flat. If this film had more dynamic cinematography and a underlying story behind the ball, it would be perfect.

Alexander Jones
city manager

So obviously we have a really funny and absurd film here which got the audience rolling, which is all really great.

That ending though, in the darkness as they look for the ball, was actually a really solid piece of horror- even if it was silly at the same time. It reminded me of the ending to "Rec".

I would say the main things to work on for next time would be camerawork, as this film was a bit low fi.

As for your title, "Swiss Ball of Doom" certainly let's me know I'm in for a good time.