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The Back from the Dead Movie
Christchurch > 07

Assassin parents encourage their daughter to make her first kill?

Set up quickly but then the film slows right down, becomes harder to see in bits and gets the focus wrong in other points. Just kill her already!

Pacing was a little awkward and I struggled to understand what was happening by the end, I did like the pet element getting in the way of the task, reckon you guys needed to get some more lights in the room just so we could see a bit clearer what was going on, I've said it on a number of reviews now: The more light you have in the room the more control you can have over how it looks in the editing.

This film I found hard to follow or enjoy. Didn’t understand where the parents motivations came from or who the girl who came over actually was.

I liked the idea of tip toeing around the killing having things interrupt etc, but I feel that in execution it didn’t always work.

This is another team that I feel needs to simplify their approach. Try whittling your story down to something much simpler, rather than an over the top assassination attempt which is fairly difficult to pull off even for an experienced team.

For example, have the girl simply trying to pull a simple prank, eg trying to get the victim to unintentionally set off a trap, with a hidden camera recording, but then after many failed attempts the main character ends up setting off the trap on herself.

Something like this would be easier for you to pull off convincingly, and would help you tell a more interesting story.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Some good thinking here on how to tell a story and some key fundamentals of a cat-and-mouse style comedy.

Loved the dad quoting Panic! At the Disco, even if it was a little out of place.

You could have used a little more light in that room too, something to work on for next year.

Connection to genre was kinda loose if I'm being honest, seemed kind of tacked on at the end.

Still, some promising stuff here. Well done team.

As for your title, I'm not sure how "Switch" plays into the plot? Maybe I'm forgetting something.