The Last Vlog

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The Musical + The Last Day on Earth Movie
Christchurch > 07

A girl watches the vlogs of two Tubers covering there last days distraught by their dropping subscription rates.

Good humour in this and some committed acting from the Logan Paulesque vlogger. It did get a bit tedious and was the reason subs were dropping because of people dying or because they didn't want to watch the vloggers die? Loved the under the bridge shot.

Clever idea here, you had some great ideas for making the two vloggers diverse, I would have loved to see more characters vlogging! Highlight was the shot up high when the body was still in the pool, lots of potential from this team can't wait to see what you produce in the future.

Strapped myself in for a great time when I saw your hilarious team intro, and wasn’t disappointed.

All the performances were well done, and I especially loved the characterisation of the male YouTuber. Overall a great story but what slightly poked out as confusing for me was that the sub counts were lowering, when in reality if people were dying they wouldn’t unsubscribe. The easy way to fix this is to have the YouTuber’s complaining about the dwindling view count, as opposed to the subs.

Some great humour though which I look forward to seeing in the future.

This was interesting, but I felt as though the film couldn't make up its mind as to what its message was. The plot twist at the end kinda proved to me that there wasn't anything for it to say.

But, that said (pun intended), this was very well executed with impressive acting and more impressive comedic timing. You had me on the edge of my seat wondering what, exactly, was happening; and that's the mark of a good film. But as I said, for what?

I couldn't stop laughing at the screening every time the male YouTuber started vlogging. His energy was intoxicating. I also thought the other twos delivery were great.

I think that the ending wasn't quite as punchy as the middle. I look forward to see what you all make in the years to come!

Alexander Jones
city manager

Some absolutely hilarious one liners here, and an alright plot to boot.

As others have said, Rad Chad was hilarious.

My only real problems concerning the plot would be the subs dropping- when you die you don't unsubscribe from a youtube channel haha.
Also, what was up with the girl grinning at the camera at the end? Was she killing them? Was she causing the end of the world?!

As for your title, "The Last Vlog" is a great mix of epic end-of-the-world nature with some great 2018 nomenclature.