Dead Dogs

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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Christchurch > 07

When a new male student teacher arrives in class, a reciprocal relationship begins with a female student.

Umm, to be honest this made me very uncomfortable; it just seemed very awkward. I can't believe I'm saying this but to really sell this story and drive any intended message home you probably needed to show the relationship as or at the least imply that it was more intimate and emphasize more of the personal turmoil behind it. The film was also presented in a weird aspect ratio and overall was rather disjointed.

EDIT: Apologies about the aspect ratio comment if the play-out was the issue. Didn't see this happen on any other shorts though and I call it as I see it.

Anti-Romcom does have the 'com' in the title, this doesn't mean to say you need to have comedy the whole way through, but this film didn't seem to present much opportunity for that element due to the situation you put the leads.

Pretty sure your teachers let you write a story about something quite illegal, so I was pretty shocked, and struggled to get on board with the idea because of that, was the lead guy a real teacher at the school? I hope not.

Firstly to comment on what MistaTeas said about the aspect ratio, I actually don’t recall it being a different aspect ratio. Rather, there was a slight technical hiccup on the playout computer where your 720p export wasn’t scaled up to full screen. You did nothing wrong in that regard so don’t worry there.

However the film itself I found rather difficult to enjoy. The relationship was not only incredibly uncomfortable, but also felt dramatically unrealistic. Try in future not to go for such crazy big ideas, and keep things a little simpler. Often the best stories are the simple ones.

My team member said to me after the film that it would've been hilarious if the guy walked into the girl's bathroom at the end there. Indeed, what this film was lacking was comedy. That said, in an ironic The Room kind of way, this film is pretty funny; the ages of actors are incredibly skewed relative to their characters, almost every interaction is completely unrealistic, and the narrative itself is so stunted that perhaps its us that forgot to laugh.

Alexander Jones
city manager

What a strange idea for a school team to base their film around.

As the other reviews say, the development and subsequent deterioration of a relationship between a teacher and a student is pretty uncomfortable to watch, even if the actors looked more or less the same age in real life. I think this idea was picked to play on the whole "Anti" element of anti-romcom, but I'm not sure if it was worth it.

As other have pointed out, could have used some comedy here and there too, but that might have even been more uncomfortable since it's such a risky subject which makes it hard to identify with the characters. Usually these kind of films are serious dramas, this was somewhere in between.

As for your title, on the plus side, I actually really like "Dead Dogs" in relation to the film. I'm quite partial to titles which relate to some random insignificant part of the film instead of anything major.