The Poppening

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The Time Travel Movie
Christchurch > 07

When a girl trips and falls into a puddle she finds a time-travelling device that lets her fix up a few of her bad experiences.

Loved the simplicity of this - single location, couple of actors, no dialogue and it was all nicely executed with a sweet, sweet ending. Great job!

Yo this one was slick, smooth ending, nice.


Solid take on the genre, probably the winner for best use of the puddle.

Proves that less is more in 48hours

Quite a fun short film, with well told visual story. Only place I got a little lost was in the strange animated silhouette sequence, which seemed unnecessary given you had a great shot of the duck’s shadow as it flew overtop of the grass.

Keep up the good work!

This film did stand out to me in the heat. I was impressed by the time travel effects, and was very pleased with the tight-knit premise and execution. I was also impressed by the stabilized camerawork that seemed to present itself from time to time. Good acting, too.

I think this film is an exemplar for straight-to-the-point writing. In our own film we very much suffered from a lack of this.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Absolutely love this film. A very simple story but one told very well.

With some slick camerawork, a film like this could have even made the finals.

As for your title, "The Poppening" is great, maybe not the funniest thing you could have called it but fun nonetheless.