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The Splatstick Movie
Christchurch > 07

Babysitters/older siblings encourage the younger kids to share spooky stories.

A decent idea here but unfortunately it takes a bit of time to get to the good stuff. The first couple of stories we only hear about rather than see. These are also delivered as a long take/one shot of the four girls sitting on a bed and it goes on and on. When we do get to see one of these stories in action it's good and we get some funny dialogue as well! Needed more of this.

Great idea here but execution fell a little flat, the story telling was all told from one angle, would have been good to see some different camera work to keep the pace up. Some funny ideas for the stories particularly the twins crossing the street, think you guys needed to show a bit more 'splat' in this to really stick to the genre, but overall a good effort from you guys.

Something about the commitment from the actors really worked for me here.

I didn’t mind that about Half the film was a long unbroken take of the characters talking and telling the entire story offscreen.

Unfortunately this film didn’t hold my interest. Far too much “this and this happened to this person” and not nearly enough visual storytelling. Show us, don’t tell us your story.

I feel that you should’ve had the time over the weekend to have stories that could all be told visually while the girls narrate over top. Try keeping this in mind in the future.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I think this is a pretty strong idea for a Splatstick, it feels like something I would have attempted had I got the genre.

I think what would have improved this film- beyond the technical issues and the actresses remembering their lines- would have been to show all the stories visually instead of just the last one.

As for your title, I like "Stories", simple and to the point.