Why the long face?

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Christchurch > 07

Really need a team synopsis for this one but I think a couple of teens get annoyed with a boy, then people start wearing horse heads.

Good twist at the end. Horse heads are always a winner.

I struggle to remember the details of the story too but I do remember loving the ending it was so absurd and I loved it.

This film felt like it had some potential, but I was left a little disappointed. I was waiting for the reveal at the end that Sam was female, which predictable of an ending it may have been, it would’ve been more solid than the ending you had, which only left me confused. Why hide their face for the entire film when there is no payoff? I still have no idea how the horse came into to the story at all.

A fun story idea, but I think in future you need to be aware of every decision you make in the storytelling and make sure everything is done for a reason, otherwise you may end up throwing the audience off and not getting your story across.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I'm not really sure what was going on in this film, but the horse head was funny and there was a lot of care taken in the performances and the jokes.

As for your title, "Why the Long Face?" is a classic gag. Good stuff.