The Simulation

Average: 2.2 (4 votes)
The Technological Thriller
Christchurch > 07

The lives of people are controlled by an ever hovering drone.

Good crack at the genre. Played it straight which I admire. Some nice match cuts - especially at the end. I think you could have even ramped it up a notch further - making the tone even more sinister.

Got a little lost in the details of this one but I enjoyed the commitment from the screaming guy in the room at the end, would have been good to see some close ups to raise the tension, wide shots make it difficult to feel what the characters are feeling cause they're too far away!

I liked the premise and the simulation ending. I just got a little lost on what the story really was with our main characters. Like, we get that they don’t like being followed by drones, but what more than that? What was the purpose of the simulation? What were the doing with their lives in this reality? Just some questions I would’ve liked to see explored to really flesh out this story.

What I can say about this film is that the ending gripped me very strongly. Brilliantly executed, perhaps despite what was leading up to it. The setting, the sound, the acting, it was on-point at the end there. I also enjoyed the unique narrative. Our team spent weeks seeking permits to fly our drone in Christchurch so I can imagine flying the drone for your film would've been a royal pain in the backside.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This movie had a really great and effective twist at the end.

A good attempt at the Tech Thriller genre, and probably the most original of the school teams who did attempted it.

As for your title "The Simulation" is a spoiler for the film! AHHH!