Out of the World

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Christchurch > 07

A group of girls find a pink-haired alien at school.

Seemed to lack a script for most of it and much of the sound was poor. Fell into the trap of shooting and then editing in long takes which in this case gives you less story-telling power. Get your camera in closer and get more shots! Come back next year and nail it!

You found yourself and idea and then you just went out and shot it. Unfortunately this way of filmmaking will rarely result in a cohesive story as there is no real structure to the scenes, action play, or dialogue. I recommend taking some time to just plot out the beginning, middle and end of the film, with at least a basic idea of what kind of shots you want to get and remember that this isn’t like in drama class where everything has to be done in one take on a wide shot. Use the camera to move in and get varying shots that can be used to more effectively tell your story.

TheRealClose has already nailed on the head what I had to say about this one, your concept was really cool but I reckon it needed a bit more planning before you went out, remember to think about techniques of the camera, close ups create tension, long shots tend to ease the tension etc. You guys have been at this competition a few years now and I reckon you have potential to step up your game next year and really make a solid plan out of your idea.

Alexander Jones
city manager

You guys clearly had a lot of fun making this film.
Lots of good ideas but pretty vague on what the story actually was. But keep drilling away at your skills and you could go far.

As for your title, "Out of this World" is alright, I think there are probably plenty of other short films with this title.