Veronica Malkin

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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 07

A couple of teachers discuss the behaviour of Veronica Malkin and later so do some students.

Very glad that you used adults in adult roles. Nice job. Very talky in parts and lacked a bit of variety in your shot selection. The set-up was actually OK though and the twist at the end nicely delivered.

While the twist was rather entertaining, everything before it was a little hard to follow and not the most interesting. Bogging down a film with nothing but dialogue can really make it feel longer than it really is and lose the audience’s attention. I’d recommend thinking of new ways to tell your film visually, rather that just relying on the audience following and understanding every line of dialogue.

Great idea which got a little lost in the amount of talking, nice twist although I didn't fully understand the twist until all those pictures at the end (mainly due to audio).

Alexander Jones
city manager

Very cool to see adults playing adults, and actually giving off pretty emotive performances.

Upon the rewatch, I noticed a few misdirects which wouldn't really make sense for Veronica to be a cat, why did she have a place at the table? Hahha

Still, a clear handle on storytelling direction here, so great job because you genuinely fooled me with the twist.

As for your title, you could have gone with something more clever, but it works as it is.