Never Heard Before

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The Monster Movie
Christchurch > 07

Spooky stuff happens in a guys room.

Probably the shortest film in CHCH this year; it maybe just checks in at over a minute. Not much else to say.

An unfortunate disappointment. The film went by so quickly I genuinely had no grasp on what was happening and what the story was.

Keep in mind in future that structure and story are the most important things, followed by the characters and our journey with them. Hopefully you will not be too discouraged by your experience this year. Few teams are successful the first time around.

Wish I could say something about this film but I'll be honest I did turn my head for a moment and when I looked back it had finished.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Bizarrely short, but for what it did show was actually pretty promising, some really cool ideas and genuinely spooky.

As for your title, "Never Heard Before" is an intriguing name for a horror, well done.